Since 1999(ish) I have been composing and performing music for dancers. Since 2015 I have served as the faculty musician at the Movement Intensive in Compositional Improvisation (MICI) at Franklin and Marshall College with The Architects (dancers Jennifer Kayle, Lisa Gonzales, Pamela Vail and Katherine Ferrier) and visual artist Kathy Couch.  Though this year the group is taking a much-needed one-year hiatus, we are still working together across the country in smaller duos, trios and quartets.  Below are some highlights of dance projects I have worked on in the past.


DYSPHONIA is a music and dance work, for violin soloist with a live chamber orchestra, including multiple laptops and a custom-built gesture detection system worn by a dancer. The piece was choreographed by Professor Charlotte Adams of the University of Iowa Dance Department and premiered at the Faculty Graduate Dance Concerts in February of 2015.

Smoke-Screen: This and Other Warnings

Since 2014 I have had the privilege of composing for many projects in collaboration with choreographer Jennifer Kayle.  Smoke Screen joins an interdisciplinary conversation in considering whether we are in a new geologic era, The Anthropocene, an epoch where human activities have a significant global impact on the earth. As technology merges with natural processes, as human powers increase to alter what was once labeled as “organic,” conventional distinctions begin to blur. With the human body at the center of its substance, Smoke-Screen reveals the body as both a genesis of environmental and ecological impact, and a place where that impact is felt.  This piece was performed at the University of Iowa, University of Wyoming and at Hiways in Santa Monica.

Riding Mad Horses

This piece was another collaboration with Jennifer Kayle +Co.  On the subject of passion as a double-edged sword, the force that spurs on great advances, and also the cause of our un-doing.