Composers spend their time competing with Beethoven for food and losing.  

Though I have decided to compose and produce music electronically, (to be played only by myself and a limited number of human or robot friends; and mostly presented in various online receptacles (YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc...), this doesn't mean I haven't / don't / won't write music for people I don't know / work with.    

Feel free to click the links below for some free scores and watch / listen to performances by some of my favorite carbon based musician friends!


If I were to die today, and the world were to remember ONE piece I wrote, my guess is that it would be perforation.  I wrote this piece in about an hour for Bone Crusher, the unfortunately short-lived improvisation/new music group I founded at the University of Louisville with Joey Crane, Lexi Bass and some other composer/performers/ne'er-do-wells.  Since 2010(ish), this piece has been performed more than anything else I've written and has never failed to get SOME kind of response (ranging from adoration to outrage).  The piece can be performed by any ensemble, on any instrument, and can be performed right-side-up or upside-down.  Usually, it involves ripping the score in half and throwing paper at someone, then reading half the score, then repeating until the score is finished, but you can really do what you want with it.  I've also seen it performed by a jazz combo who used the written score as a "head" to improvise over.  Whatever, Kurt Cobain said, "It's your jigsaw puzzle now."

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now we are murderers as well, 

for violin, viola and bassoon

Back in 2015(ish) I was commissioned to write this piece for my friends The Enid Trio (bassoonist Stephanie Patterson, violinist Megan Karls and violist Megan Gray).  This unique trio plays almost exclusively new music (since there isn't a whole lot of old-dead-white-guy music written for violin/viola/bassoon, which is actually a great thing for people like me!).  Stephanie and the Megans (as I call them) gave me a wonderful task...write a piece for a new ensemble that could really show off the full range of what they can do.  A composer can ask for no better assignment and they completely blew me away with their performance(s).  The piece is now the longest composition written for this ensemble (16ish minutes!).

none above me,

for string quartet

Almost everyone agrees that you should not put yourself first in life. This seems to be a universal rule. Yet, we often violently disagree on what we should lift high up and put on that pedestal. It also seems that much of the world's strife, misery and bloodshed can be tied directly to what some people put up on their pedestal. This piece reflects my attempt to push everything extraneous off of my compositional table and see what remains. None above me was premiered by the JACK Quartet in 2014.