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I am massively interested in electronic music, music technology, musical artificial intelligence, generative music, hardware hacking and robomantic* music.  Check out my writings_downloads page for some of my Max/m4l patches as well as some Sample Packs I've made for Ableton Live.

Below are some highlights of electronic music projects I have worked on in the past.

*(actually, I made this up...)


for 4 laptops and

4 cassette machines

Written for DISEnsemble (IUPUI)

theBEATING was written in 2018 for IUPUI's DISEnsemble (Destructive/Inventive Systems Ensemble – an ensemble devoted to the performance and study of hardware hacking, circuit bending, and other destructive forms of music making).  The piece is performed on multiple laptops (networked via Ableton Link) and four hacked cassette tape players, which are used in various conventional and less than conventional ways.  The title refers to moments in our lives when everything seems to hit at once and you feel like it's time to "take your beating."  That said, this piece is not intended as a negative experience, but instead shows a path from weakness to strength; or from failure to success.

past every exit...

for live musicians and laptops

Every one of us is careening down some kind of highway. Exits turn off, down which we find ourselves on diverging paths. Some exits offer a turnaround, some offer escape, some offer even more delays and could possibly lead to total ruin. But once we have passed everyexit, is there any hope to get back to where we began? Or might we find something even better just over the horizon?


This piece is played on a variant of the Max patch (HIDI – Human Instrument Digital Interface) that I developed to aid in improvisation with Jennifer Kayle's dance improvisation classes at the University of Iowa.  Jennifer’s knowledge and improvisatory experience has greatly influenced the composition of this piece.  I would also like to thank my long-time collaborator, Justin Comer, with whom I have produced multiple albums (his, mine, and our joint projects under the name JCϟjp) and traveled all over the country playing music and eating strange things in even stranger places.


The patch itself directs the instrumentalists on what to play, and when to play it, and also records the performers and "improvises" along with them, making loops of the recorded material.  The piece is globally determined but locally improvised.

Riding Mad Horses

This piece was another collaboration with Jennifer Kayle +Co.  On the subject of passion as a double-edged sword, the force that spurs on great advances, and also the cause of our un-doing.

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