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JCϟjp+BP, the Chicago years

COMING in 2021, three new JCϟjp albums, produced with Chicago Guitarist-Composer Brian Penkrot!

Each of these three projects stems from a 3-day intensive jam we did back in 2019. We've been sitting on this stuff for too long, but 2021 is the year it will finally see the light of day.

As for my own stuff, I am of course designing these pieces with dancer projects in mind, and also, I'm using some new machine learning-enabled performance technologies on this album, including new robot voices (powered by AVATAR), a bit of HIDI.distractifier~, and (one of my favorite MLEPTs ever) MML.BUTTONBABY (an M4L device that plays the drums in an increasingly convoluted fashion until it intentionally crashes the CPU of any machine it's installed upon).

More details shall be forthcoming as SP2021 gets underway.


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