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COMING in 2021, three new JCϟjp albums, produced with Chicago Guitarist-Composer Brian Penkrot!

Each of these three projects stems from a 3-day intensive jam we did back in 2019. We've been sitting on this stuff for too long, but 2021 is the year it will finally be done. Details T.B.A.


"JCϟjp is a musical and philosophical collaboration between composers Justin K Comer and jason palamara."

- our usual bio

Justin Comer and I met while pursuing our grad work at the University of Iowa and began collaborating and performing together as founding members of LOUi: The Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa.  I have always found Justin that rarest of artistic collaborators, who is tirelessly working on something cool on his own, but never hesitates to support or participate in whatever I'm doing.  Since 2013(ish), JCϟjp has performed all over Iowa and Indiana, and also LA, Texas, and New York.  Being that we both have a lot of experience working with dancers, we have often collaborated with dance-type people, and our music is often utilized as the sound score for movement projects.

Our most recent project, (relics) is not only an album, but an interactive web-museum of found web artifacts.  Seriously, this is one of the weirdest and far-out projects we've ever done.  To participate, click on the link and read the instructions.  The tour lasts about an hour if you choose to go all the way.  Enjoy!

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